T R Λ Z Λ S  Engineering is a consulting company that bases its activity on infrastructures design and, where appropriate, subsequent control and supervision when comes the moment to execute such works.

T R Λ Z Λ S  Engineering was founded in Tenerife in 1998, having as corporate object the writing of studies and projects and the works supervision and control in the field of civil engineering and environment, as well as the expertise service inherent in a consulting company in its largest conception, thanks to the competent and qualified professionals who compose the human team.

T R Λ Z Λ S has become one of the consulting companies? leaders in the canary market, for the civil engineering and environment sectors. The firm has been mainly developing its experience in the Canary Islands but it has also acted in other states of the Spanish territory and abroad Morocco, Cape Verde, Bolivia and Peru, where we have an office

Throughout its long track record, T R Λ Z Λ S has intended to win the trust of its clients, thanks to reliability and rigor, looking for the best adaptation to needs that were due to be satisfied and, in a certain way, contributing to the improvement that infrastructures have impacted on and, therefore, the quality of life of citizens. All of this, with the idea that infrastructures have to be in harmony with environment and sustainable development.