TRAZAS offers services that include all the needed phases to enable any idea related to civil engineering or the environment to become a reality, with quality and respect to the environment, in agreement with the professional qualification of the firm. These phases go from preliminary studies to works supervision or technical assistance, starting-up tests or operational conditions. These services offered by TRAZAS are briefly introduced below and classified by activity areas.

Studies and Projects

Preliminary Studies
Financial and Technical-economic Feasibility Studies
Informative Studies
Preliminary Draft Projects
Basic Projects
Delineation Projects
Construction Projects
Tenders Projects
Projects Supervision
Modified Projects, Liquidation and “As Built” Projects
Operations and Maintenance Manuals (Running  Instructions)
Territorial and Detailed Planning

Works Supervision and Control

Works Planning
Quality Assurance Plans and Environmental Management Plans
Health and Safety Coordination
General Technical Assistance
Carrying-out Works Supervision, with Geometric,
Quantitative and Qualitative  Control
Budget Monitoring
Final Tests, Liquidations and Receptions