Nowadays, our society requires greater quality in public places and denounces its lack and the environment degradation caused by works execution. The optimal result in construction of these infrastructures is achieved from the beginning, with a project that contemplates and clarifies all the uncertainties, combining simplicity, innovation and minimization of the induced environmental impact, and later on, during the works construction, by a suitable control of the execution.

The TRAZAS Direction knows and understands that, many parameters may affect the development of this activity, and this is why it is necessary to implement a management and control system of these variables, in order to achieve the objective of finding the optimal solution, minimizing errors and implementing commitment to prevent pollution.

The TRAZAS Quality and Environmental Policy is based on satisfying the needs and expectations of Clients, fulfilling specifications, requirements, environmental legislation and any other applicable regulation, being moreover competitive.

To reach these objectives, the continuous improvement of all personnel in the firm is required, from the manager to the clerk and the technician. This continuous improvement is responsibility of all. The achievement of these objectives implies involvement of all the organization, with dedication and work. This concept of work is resumed in the following sentence by Pablo Picasso, adopted by TRAZAS as an ideal:

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you at work”

Fulfillment of these objectives will require:

-The Customer satisfaction and end-user of the executed works.

-the Environmental respect in the stages of drafting and execution of the works .

-improvement The overall performance of the company and individual staff .

-The Cost optimization.

-The Commitment reflected in all company work quality and respect for the environment